4 pae paper

Something that you can’t control about your life is your family. Good, bad, or ugly, you start your life with them in some capacity. By being present or not, positive or not, they will shape your life.  Select a character from the Family Unit and discuss their connection to their family.  How has their life been shaped by their family?  How do you view their relationship?  Do they value it?  Your thoughts?


This reaction is 3-4 pages and must be grammatically error-free.  Be sure to use direct quotes from the chosen story for support of the point being made.  Use a ciritism or two for added support.  Follow MLA formatting and be sure to have a proper Works Cited page.  Failure to follow the proper citation style will earn the paper a “C” at best.  More than nine grammatical errors and the grade is an automatic “D” at best.

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