answer the following in 4 pages apa style

If you make fair use of published materials in forming your responses, remember to include an appropriate citation.  Any style is acceptable.  Failure to properly cite the work of others will result in a reduction of your grade.




1.    (20 points)  What is the relationship between business ethics and the law?


2.    (10 points)  What are the main determinants of business ethics?


3.    (10 points)  What is organizational behavior and how does it affect the way members of the workforce behave?


4.     (10 points)  What is the role of management in organizational change?


5.     (20 points)  Describe Kirkpatrick’s Four Level Evaluation Model.  Give a good example of a level three measure.


6.     (10 points)  Why is face-to-face communication between managers still important?


7.    (10 points)  What defines social responsibility for a business?


8.     (10 points)  What are three possible benefits of acting in a socially responsible manner for a business?


9.    (20 points)  What are two possible negative outcomes of a business entity acting socially responsible as defined by entities other than legitimate stakeholders?


10.  (30 points)  How does management influence the motivation of its workforce?  Defend your position.


11.  (20 points)  What are some similarities and differences in the way leadership and management have been defined?


12.  (20 points)  Does it really matter how you define leadership?  Defend your position.


13.  (20 points)  What role does the management of a business play in the work-life balance of its workforce?



14.(20 points)  Why is it so difficult to measure leadership effectiveness?



15.(20 points)  What criteria have been used to evaluate managerial effectiveness? Are some criteria more useful than others?  Defend your position.

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