One paragraph for each question:

1.       Discuss the work of Chuck Close as we saw in the film in class.  How does he work: show how he takes an image and changes it by the way he interprets it.  Philip Glass states in the film: “It is the old idea of form and content, and what our generation did was include process”: apply this idea to Chuck’s work.


Look at EACH of the artists below on the Art 21 website.

  Answer the following questions for each artist:

·         How does this artist work? Intuitively or intellectually?

·         How important is process to this artist?

·         What do you think this artist is trying to communicate?

·         Where do they get the ideas for their art ?


Barry McGee and Margaret Kilgallen            

James Turrell             Gabriel Orzoco

Shahzia Sikander              Maya Lin

Ann Hamilton            Do Ho Suh

Sally Mann



2.       In your text, pages  104-112, there is a discussion about the different roles of artists across cultures and time.  What role do you think artists have in contemporary culture in the United States?  What role do you think they should have?  How important are the ideas and thoughts of artists to the development, maintenance, and structure of culture?  Cite examples from your text about the different roles artists could play in modern culture.


3.       What is creativity (to you)? Find two examples of art you think is really  â€œcreative”  describe why you think these works are “creative”.   Explain why you think they are creative works.  Do you exercise creativity?  If not, why not?  If so, how do you exhibit creative ideas and tendencies?  Explain why you think creativity is important to culture. 

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