Assignment need in 12 hours

Go  to this website and look at the chapter 5 outline. If you can find the whold book ,it will be great. And finish the assignment above.

Read the assigned Chapter. As you read the chapter, take a few notes so you can complete this assignment.  Write one page paper, typed, to answer the questions a, b, and c.

() Find a concept or skill in the chapter that interests you.

a. What is the concept/skill and what page did you find it on?(dont worried about this , I’ll give you the pic about the concept I choose It will show the page)

b. Describe the concept/skill, and explain how it can improve your communication.

c. Briefly outline a plan to personally start to integrate this into your interpersonal communication. To do this, you must analyze your present skill, and describe what steps you will take to improve

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