Automated Process of Accounting Information Systems FlowCharts only

Similar to any business, Kudler Fine Foods uses payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and inventory processes. All four of these processes might be improved by the use of accounting information systems. Your accounting firm has assigned you to the team that will recommend systems to improve automation of these processes.

Decide as a team whether Kudler should purchase industry-specific software or develop customized software.

Prioritize the automation, enhancement, and maintenance of the four main systems.

Document the rationale for your decisions and recommended automation, enhancement, and maintenance schedules.

Develop flowcharts to show the flow of data into and from each of the four accounting systems analyzed.

Write a brief of no more than 750 words in which you address the following:

  • Explain the rationale and analysis behind the recommended course of action.
  • Explain the characteristics of the system that support the recommended course of action.
  • Describehow the accounting information systems incorporating the recommended changes add value to the accounting operations of Kudler Fine Foods

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