Review your required reading by Yu-Chih Liu and Asri Rizki (2016). Examine Table 2 and Figure 1, and consider the discussion offered by the authors.

  1. Post your researched thoughts on how the risk factors mentioned in the reading impact ongoing projects with which you are familiar.
  2. Include your thoughts on the impact of these factors on international projects, or when international consultants and/or suppliers are involved.
  3. Support your positions with at least one current (no older than five years) scholarly source, beyond the course materials and textbooks. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find sources. Make sure to cite your sources following the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an external site.).


 Respond to the questions in a thorough manner, providing specific examples of concepts, topics, definitions, and other elements asked for in the questions. Youranswers should be highly organized, logical, and focused. Your answers should be highly organized, logical, and focused. 



labor Unions” 

  • Go to the United States Department of Labor and read the section titled “Employment Rights: Who has Them and Who Enforces Them”. Next, evaluate the intended effectiveness of The Americans with Disabilities Act and The Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Determine how these laws affect human resource (HR) management. Speculate what the impact of the Act will be in 10 years. Support your position.
  • Use the Internet to research the role of unions in the United States compared to three other countries. Next, examine how the role of unions in other countries differs from the role of unions in the United States. Provide examples of three countries and how unions operate in those countries in regard to HR management.




Pick an article from the Savannah Morning News, Wall Street Journal, HR Magazine, Atlanta Journal-Constitution or any other business publication. 


You will submit a PowerPoint slide presentation (PP) about this article.


  • Create       a PowerPoint slide presentation – there is no designated number of slides.       Slides must cover the subject matter.


Grading Criteria: Each criterion = 20 points each

Total possible points = 200  SCORE

PP = PowerPoint slides

· Presenter submitted PP within designated timeframe  _______

· PP – article is related to the field of HR Management  _______

· PP – includes “bullet points” (no paragraphs or long sentences) 

(no more than 6 “bullet points” per slide; no more than 8 words

per bullet point)  _______  

· PP –  information is organized and detailed  _______

· PP – contains appropriate amount of information – (this means

that the “bullet points” accurately reflect the information you

wish to convey)  _______

· PP –  information is presented in a logical and interesting

sequence (flows)  _______

· PP –  slides are “aesthetically appropriate and pleasing” (slides have appropriate color, background, font (size/theme), pictures, etc.  ______  

· PP –  includes your reaction to the article  _______  

· PP –  includes why he/she selected this HR article  _______

· PP – slides are free of grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors  ______  

TOTAL SCORE (Max 200 points)  ________



Three months ago, you decided to hire freelance workers because the company was overloaded by data processing work (due to the growth of the company). Today is the last Friday of the month and you have to process the invoices from the freelance workers. The freelance workers are doing an excellent job processing the invoices. The amount of hours used to complete the work, however, increases each month. Last month, the freelancers’ timesheets showed they spent an average of 18 hours to go through the data for one client. This month, the freelancers spent an average of 25 hours per account. This is troubling since it took in-house processing 5–7 hours to go through the data for one client. The most inexperienced employee on the team took nine hours to process one client’s account.

You discussed the situation with another manager and he suggested using a software program called EyeSpy that takes pictures of freelancers’ computer screens and records keystrokes and mouse clicks periodically throughout the day. At the end of each week, you can drill down by worker, examining their productivity to give you an accurate report of who is doing what while on the clock.

  • Should the company be allowed to install the EyeSpy software to monitor performance? If not, what other suggestions do you have on finding out why there are variations in the freelancer’s timesheet?
  • Is it legal for organizations to monitor the performance of the employees without telling them? Why or why not?



Value-based Contracting, The Influence of Metrics, Effects of Publicized Reviews and Metrics, Rating Agencies in Health Care, Turning Data into Actionable Items, Appropriate Reporting of Trends

· Why did you choose this topic?

· Why is it important for you to be informed about this topic?

· Provide one example of how you will engage the topic in your profession (example: conversations with patients, interactions with physicians, processing insurance claims, etc.)

· In approximately 250 words, summarize the topic for your classmates.

· Provide five bullet points to solidify key points or takeaways.

· You must include a minimum of two scholarly sources.



Final HR Project

Here are the guidelines for your next project. It will be completed in 3 phases.

Select the company according to the list below and complete the questions. 

The final paper must have 6 pages, APA format, 12 point, and double space. 

The company you will select is TESLA.

Phase 1:

1. Complete a job requisition for a position from one of the above companies. The requisition will include:


Name of requester:

Department or Work Team:

Position is Full-time or part-time:

Start Date:

Salary Range:

Purpose of hire: Explain the reason for the job (Seasonal, Contract or Permanent) 



Select two peer-reviewed articles from the GU library on the topics for the current week. Analyze the articles separately and correlate them to your personal ethics assessment results. You are encouraged to share some specific examples of your assessment results to support your opinion. However, if you would like to keep your results private, you can speak to your results in general terms.

·  Write a 2 page summary on your analysis of the article #1 to your assessment results and how you believe this content has increased your ethical self-awareness. Please discuss these points from: alternatives, analysis, application, and action.

·  Write a 2 page summary on your analysis of the article #2 to your assessment results and how you believe this content has increased your ethical self-awareness. Please discuss these points from: alternatives, analysis, application, and action.

The assignment should be submitted as a Word document and APA format is required. The title page and reference page are not counted in the 2-4 page requirement. Both summaries can be included in one document.


see attached


Globalization changes the dynamics of projects and adds a layer of complexity. It can adversely affect the project outcome if the project participants are not aware of what they might encounter regarding cultural differences and multinational economic transactions.

Global projects have unique influencing factors,including:

  • Currency fluctuations and exchange rates
  • Country-specific work codes and regulations
  • Corporate joint ventures and partnerships, creating entities with a presence and facilities in multiple countries
  • Political relations between countries
  • Availability of high-demand workforce skills
  1. Describe how a global project can be more complex than a project performed within only one country.
  2. How do the influencing factors, listed above, affect the successful outcome of the global project?
  3. Support your positions with at least one current (no older than five years) scholarly source, beyond the course materials and textbooks.