Critical Writing Assignment: Faith & Philosophical Enquiry

Critical Writing Assignment: Faith & Philosophical Enquiry


-For this assignment, please make sure to analyze and discuss one (and only one!) of

the following two classical arguments for the existence of God:

                           1. St. Anselm’s Ontological Argument

                            2. Clarke’s Cosmological Argument

You may argue either for or against the soundness of the argument, but you must take

up and defend a specific position.


Critical Writing Assignment Guidelines & Rubric:


-Some generic requirements to be observed for all Writing Assignments include that all papers must:


ï‚· Defend a thesis and should proceed according to the following format: Thesis, Argument,

Objection(s), Response(s), Conclusion

ï‚· Include citations to the primary required class readings. These and any additional sources must

be properly cited using MLA format.

ï‚· Fall within the following length requirements: 1200-1500 words.

ï‚· Use a standard 10-12 pt. font and be double spaced.

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