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•Use the Internet to locate and review this year’s Fortune 500 list. Select a company from the Fortune 500 list. Research the company’s business culture using the company’s Website or periodicals such as Fortune magazine or The Wall Street Journal. Be prepared to discuss.


•Go to SlideShare’s Website, located at http://www.slideshare.net/lorievela/teamwork-conflict-management-survey, and take the “Conflict Management Style Survey” to determine your conflict management style. Be prepared to discuss.


•When Allan Mulally, a former Boeing executive, was appointed CEO of Ford Motor Company, many wondered if an “airplane guy” could run a car company. Ford has reported record earnings since Mulally’s arrival and Fortune magazine named him Executive of the Year in 2010. Use the Internet to research Mulally’s actions at Ford that resulted in him being awarded this title. Be prepared to discuss.Please see grading rubric for maximum points


Week 6 Discussion 1


Decision Environments” Please respond to the following:


1.  From the first e-Activity, describe the company’s business culture. Determine whether it is certainty, risk, or uncertainty. Then, examine ways that external factors contribute to the state of the company.

2.  Examine an instance where you had to make an intuitive decision that required quick thinking on your part. Describe the end result of the decision you made and evaluate your decision-making skills. Then, determine what you would do differently based on the knowledge and insight you have gained since then


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