Do a quick critique on 6 memorandums

Assignment is due April 4, 8:00 PM eastern time (about 2 hours 40 minutes from now)


Task:  Do a quick critique on the attached 6 memorandums.  Just write the good and bad things down in 1 Word Document, separated by peer number.


Critiques are to be short, and to the point.  Needs to start and end with at least 1 good thing.  An example format for a critique is below:


Good opening paragraph stating why you are interested in the job.
The letter needs to be addressed to someone. Find out who is in charge of hiring and write the letter to them.
1st paragraph is too long. It only needs to be that you learned about the position and you are interested in it.
The 2nd and 3rd paragraphs are duplicating your resume. The parts describing about what you did in your HR job need to be in the resume.
Avoid asking for an interview in the form of a question in your closing paragraph.
You said your resume demonstrates your drive, ability, and capacity but you didn’t include it. Remember to put “Enclosed: resume”
Excellent job following the application letter format. Remember to use correct spacing.

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