From 1865 through the early 1900s, various drugs were available and deemed legal. Today, there are even more types of drugs that, while illegal in most countries, are available to the public.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in 3–4 pages:
    • Pick 3 drugs that were legal from 1865 until some point in the 20th century, and answer the following questions:
      • What types of drugs were legal, and how were they used in society? 
      • Where could they obtain these drugs? Explain.
      • Why would they utilize these drugs? Explain.
    • Pick 3 illegal substances that are considered popular among drug users within the United States, and answer the following questions for each drug:
      • Why do people use this drug? Explain.
      • How widespread is the use of this drug? Explain.
      • What types of demographics or populations are most likely to use this drug?
  • APA format, 5 sources cited throughtout the paper. Refrence page, abstract, 3 pages. No plagerism please

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