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Conduct a salary survey for any one position in the organization you have selected in Milestone One, such as for a new receptionist. Analyze the survey data and evaluate how this information can be used in compensating a potential new employee in your selected organization.

Develop a PowerPoint slide presentation of at least five slides, including speaker notes, that illustrates the process of conducting an industry salary survey for a specific position in the company you have chosen in Milestone One. Include data from three different comparable organizations you have found on the internet as well as salaries for the company you chose. Use at least three HR website sources such as Monster.comSalary.comIndeed.com, or your local online newspaper to find your data. Be sure your data is consistent with the geographical location of the company or organization identified in Milestone One. Include graphical charts or representations in your presentation and at least two references. Wikipedia and dictionaries will not be counted towards your two references.

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