These are the informations for the Paper from the syllabus


Final Paper. A 6-8 page research paper that incorporates scholarly (at least five) and any number of reliable sources is required. Topics must be selected from the topic list or be approved by me in advance. Your paper must include an ethical, legal and social component. You will be graded on writing mechanics. See paper guidelines and grading rubric for detailed criteria. Due to the size of the class I cannot read rough drafts or put comments on papers. I will, however, be available to discuss your paper grade with you in detail during finals week. I do not return papers.

Plagiarism. Violations are strictly enforced. Read the CS department’s Academic Honesty Policy if you have any questions regarding plagiarism. 



Your paper topic must either come from this list or be approved by me in advance. Topics are limited to three students, so email your topic choice to me as soon as possible. Papers without approved topics or closed topics will receive a zero grade. EVERYONE MUST EMAIL THEIR TOPIC TO ME. Include your choice of citation style. The brief comments and questions for each topic are just a few ideas to spark your imagination and get you started. There is some overlap in many of the topics. In all cases you must present what ought to be done, discuss multiple sides of the issue, and include current information. Note that if you emailed me your topic and I did not respond, I did not get it. That may mean that you will have to choose another topic if the one you requested fills up before you resubmit the request. Double check to make sure you’re on the list!


The topics:


1- Nanotechnology. Discuss the ethical and social implications of nanotechnology, given the current state of this emerging science. A good place to start is Ralph Merkle’s home page. The possible development of nanobots by the military, and whether this falls under international treaties that prohibit weapons of mass destruction, is one possible direction for the paper. K. Eric Drexler has released a revised version of his seminal work, Engines of Creation 2.0, available for free download. Note that there is a branch of material science that is often referred to as nanotechnology, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re interested in molecular engineering. 


2- Cyber Liberties & Public Policy. Discuss one or more of the important rights in question: privacy, free speech, intellectual property rights. See for a good overview. Present the ethical issues surrounding any one of the Bills in the 113th Congress (current Congress) dealing with cyber-liberties. See: 


Both topics 6 pages without the cited page. 



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