3 pages including title page

WRITING ASSIGNMENTS AND SOURCES:  Assignments are to be submitted via Blackboard in Microsoft WORD format, double-spaced, using Times Roman, 12 point font, with 1 inch margins and a cover page and easy-to-find page numbers.


Be sure to use citations to reference all of your facts following standardized guidelines.  I recommend using the American Psychological Association (APA) Style of citing sources.

Remember to cite your sources in proper format for all presentations as well.   I encourage you to take full advantage of the resources available to you as described in the books and class, however, please do not simply copy or plagiarize other people’s work.  Plagiarism, or failure to provide proper attribution, will result in reduction of points and could constitute academic fraud. 

References can be powerful tools while building your business case as they add credibility to you as an entrepreneur, your thought processes and ideas, and of course, to your sources (Who will include family, friends, colleagues, professional contacts, future partners, board members, advisors and customers.)  These are people who you want to give credit and respect due, and your audience/reader will appreciate the fact that you sought out feedback on your ideas and validation from the market that they are ready to buy the product or service being proposed.  In this class we will make every effort to prepare, engage, and document all primary research as well as categorize and track secondary research findings into a research grid.  We will learn a method that allows you to easily capture and track sources as you build your business case and later document findings in the business plan. 

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