test Lung capacity

Construct a set of figures (2) that will illustrate the central measure for each experimental group and the standard error bar for each group

2. Writes a fully explanatory figure legend to accompany the figure

3. A the dependent variable

B. independent variable

C. the controlled variables

D the null hypothesis

4list controls and briefly describes any additional controls that would have been desirable and why.

5. explains why they used either the one-tailed p-value

6. Explains in very simple terms what they the obtain p-value means

7. Using no more than 2-3 sentences explains ways in which the study could be improved (other than simply adding more subjects or no more data points)



Make sure to have

Correct p-value

Plotted means standard error bar

Axes properly labeled Lung Capacity & female and male

Figure legend numbered

Figure legend below figure

Figure and legend not separated

Dependent variable

Independent variable

Control variables

Correct null hypothesis

Explanation of 1-tailed or 2-tailed

Explanation of p-value

Ways of improving the study.



Tool used Spiro meter to do the experiment 

What can influence the test is someone is sick

If is a athletic or non atelic

Smoker or non smoker

If is a female or male



What can be control?

The air inside of the classroom

This test was perform in the same environment

While standing up

There were four students sitting in the table

We had the same environment


Data is the attachment 

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