Homework for Maewrite

Research and provide answers for the following topics and terms.


1. Many history textbooks as well as historians have given the years between 1828 and 1848 a title known as “The Age of Jackson,” or “The Rise of Jacksonian Democracy.” What do these phrases suggest regarding changes in the American political perception of presidential candidates? What do these phrases suggest in terms of changes in the American voting public? Why does Andrew Jackson get credit for these changes, if any?


2. Describe and discuss the events that brought Andrew Jackson to the forefront of national attention – his success against the Creeks in 1813; his victory over the British at the 1814 Battle of New Orleans; the controversy surrounding his 1819 invasion of Florida, including John C. Calhoun’s part in this event; the significance of the “Corrupt Bargain” of 1824.


3. Andrew Jackson’s two terms as President (1828-1836) are known for four major events. Describe the following events, and provide their significance in terms of Jackson’s personality and political position, especially his relationship with John C. Calhoun (as applicable), and the effect on the growing sectionalism in the US at that time.

a. The Peggy Eaton Affair

b. The Nullification Controversy

c. The Bank War

d. The Indian Relocation Act








4. Incorporate the following terms, people, and events into your essays, above, for the questions listed above. Do Not Define Separately.

a. the Red Stick War

b. the Rhea Letter

c. the Tariff of Abominations and the Tariff of 1832

d. the principle of rotation

e. “principles of 1798”

f. The Force Bill

g. The Trail of Tears

h. Nicholas Biddle

i. Roger Taney

j. Specie Circular

k. Whigs

l. The Panic of 1837




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