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Over a half a century ago, the primary form of retirement security was Social Security, coupled with an employer-provided pension. Today, pensions are offered by only a small fraction of employers, and employees are instead encouraged to save for their retirement in 401-K or similar plans. How has the shift from employer-sponsored defined-benefit pensions to defined-contribution plans changed the obligations and liabilities of the employer?  How has it impacted the duties and responsibilities of the employee?  As we look to future trends in employment law, what is another area where we may see a similar trend in the shifting of responsibilities when it comes to employee benefits?  Prepare a team paper addressing this topic.  The paper must be in APA format, with a minimum of 3 outside resources, not including course materials and be approximately 2000 words in length.  



 (ONly has to be around 600 words or so, on the information listed below) I need today last tutor did not keep end of deal. Can anyone assist)


III. Trends


A. Future Trends in Employment Law


1. Trends in Plans


            a. History of trends


            b. Example


2. Trends in Responsibility for Employers


            a. Example I


            b. Example II


3.  Trends in Employee Benefits Overall


            a. Example I


            b. Example II


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