infectious Epidemiology

Botulism, Shigellosis, and Tapeworm

Chapter 10 What Went Wrong? An Ancient Recipe Associated with Botulism in Modern Egypt

Later in the investigation, a case-control study was performed. The earlier case definition was abandoned for a revised case definition. Why was the earlier case definition not used for the case-control study?

Chapter 11 Controlling an Outbreak of Shigellosis with a Community-Wide Intervention in Lexington, Kentucky

This outbreak illustrates the importance of promoting an effective intervention in a community setting. What did the author and her collaborators do to maximize the success of hand washing promotion? Would you have done it differently? Why?

Chapter 12 Pork Tapeworm in an Orthodox Jewish Community: Arriving at a Biologically Plausible Hypothesis

Let us imagine that a physician on the Board of Health for New York learned of this investigation and outcome and recommended that all Mexican housekeepers should be tested for T. solium in their stool. How would you respond to such a policy recommendation?

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