elect a topic from ex: influence of genetics, family structures, culture, economics, mental health, or attachment style on child development).  a scholarly article on the topic that you have chosen. You will create a multimedia presentation using approximately eight- to ten-slides discussing how your topic impacts child development.  You are encouraged to use Prezi for your discussion. In the event that you have accessibility issues, please use PowerPoint  You can view a basic PowerPoint tutorial here. Link the presentation to your initial post. 

The presentation is expected to include the following:

  1. Title slide for the presentation (1 slide) 
  2. Explain the topic/influence you have chosen (1 slide)
  3. Discuss how the selected topic/influence impacts children physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively (4 slides)
  4. Describe how the selected topic/influence is meaningful and relevant to you as a professional (1 slide)
  5. Use the textbook and at least one additional scholarly resource that support your ideas. 
  6. Make sure to cite the referenced sources in-text on each slide of content, as appropriate. For example, it is appropriate to cite on the slides any summaries, paraphrases, or quotes from sources you use in your presentation on the slide where the information appears.
  7. Include a reference slide that contains all referenced sources within your presentation (1 slide)

Use the following Prezi tutorials for support developing your Prezi: 

  • Prezi Video Tutorial [Video file]. Retrieved from
    • This tutorial shows the current (as of 2013) version of Prezi and how you can use it to create educational presentations
  • Get Started in Prezi [Video file]. Retrieved from
    • This support site has several tutorials on how to create and develop Prezi’s.
  • Prezi How To Guides. Retrieved from
    • Step by step textual guides that can be printed.

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