Intel – Open Source

OSINT Project Prospectus – Due Sunday 10/26 by 6pm EST


Assignment Instructions

Write and submit a draft (typically two to three pages) of the Topic Description and Background section of your OSINT Course Project. The Description and Background section should:


1. Concisely describe and define a problem scenario and/or organization that could be targeted using Open Source (OSINT) intervention.

2. Explain why you selected this particular organization.

3. Review historical background and pertinent intelligence issues that relate to the organization.

4. Briefly describe how OSINT is likely to offer an effective solution to the tasked objective of horizon scanning and further open source collection.




(1) Due to security and operationally sensitivity issues, it is not advised to select or examine one’s own organization for the this assignment, particularly for those students associated with intelligence organizations. The following are a few examples of potential subjects that might be developed into a valid project topic: • Government Leaders (focus on a specific country/region/group). • Corporate Entities (focus on a specific business/individual). • Organized Crime (focus on a specific organization/individual). • Counter-narcotics (focus on a specific area, cartel, and/or drug dealer). • Government Contractors (focus on a specific business/individual)


(2) When developing the topic and researching the organization, one should consider themselves as being in a position of adequate stature so that the recommendations and observations made in this project paper will be considered. Caution should be given so as not to select an entity.organization that might be too broad in scope (i.e. Chase Bank, or the company formerly known as Blackwater) in order to provide the focused examination required of this essay paper. Include peer-reviewed references that contribute to the substance of the paper, and support the topic thesis.


(3) Incorporate instructor feedback from this prospectus draft into your final ppt project. Make any corrections, additions, and/or deletions from your draft and post the corrected version of your assignment as a properly formatted MS Word document

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