introduction to management (samsung)

Provide an external environment analysis of the chosen company (SAMSUNG IN Korea) as part of strategic management report bases on details shown in the table below.

You must use terms found within study of management.

1. introduction of the company operating in a country, the nature of its business and any other relevant facts. (around 200 words)

2. provide a PESTEL analysis of the chosen company operating in a country. (around 500 words)

3. provide a Porter’s five forces analysis of the chosen company in its competitive environment(around 500 words)

4. general conclusion/ recommendations for the company based on the external analysis(around 300 words)

Total words count: 1500 (+/- 10%)


Minimum 5 reference from 3 different sources (e.g book; journal article; newspaper) the use of WIKIPEDIA online is NOT allowed.


Use the APA referencing system to acknowledge your source of information.

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