No plagiarism need it by Tuesday November 15, 2016…need to be 3 pages long..U can find the story online..I also attached assignment too

Fiction Analysis Essay: Assignment Details

Due: By 11:59 PM on Tuesday, Nov. 15th: Full length draft uploaded to the “Peer Review 1” forum 

By 11:59 PM on Sunday, Nov. 20th: Final Draft uploaded to the “Turn in Essay 1” link 

Assignment: 100 points possible — Write an essay of 3 pages minimum, maximum of 5 pages (double-spaced) that analyzes one of these short stories from our textbook:  Achebe’s “Dead Men’s Path”; Cather’s “Paul’s Case”; or Marquez’s “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings.”

Topic/Thesis: You should not summarize the text, point out its moral only, or make general comments about the story. Instead, have a strong point that analyzes an aspect of the text (take it apart and observe it carefully). Some readers should be able to disagree with you – this means your topic is arguable and interesting! You need to show us exactly what you see and where you see it in the story, so we can see it, too. Use the notes “Reading Fiction” and “Literary Analysis” to be sure you are on t

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