psychology essay questions

1.       Identify at least two (2) social psychology perspectives that could be used to interpret Jared’s date-preparation behavior.

2.       Provide a brief explanation of his behavior based on each of the two (2) perspectives you identify.


1.       Describe at least two (2) situations in which you have employed self-handicapping in the past.

2.       What would the costs have been for appearing incompetent? Describe at least one (1) cost for each situation


1.       Describe at least two (2) ways that verbal behavior and nonverbal behavior interact to affect our interpretations.

2.       Are we equally able to control each channel (verbal and nonverbal)? Describe at least one (1) example that supports your position.


1.       Come up with one (1) example from your own life of an instance when you succumbed to conformity, one (1) example of when you succumbed to compliance, and one (1) example of when you succumbed to obedience.


2.       Describe at least two (2) main differences among these different types of social influence.

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