Statement of Purpose for MBA

The Statement of Purpose (SoP) is an essay that will tell the admissions committee who you are, what has influenced your career path, what your professional interests are and what you plan to do with your master’s degree. The SoP is your opportunity to speak directly to the committee via essay and to make yourself stand out from among similarly qualified candidates. The Statement of Purpose will also determine whether the student will need to enroll in MGMT 535, Managerial Communications, for the MBA program.


Your SoP should be objective yet self-reflective. The tone of the essay should be straightforward. Your topic should be specific. Document your conclusions with specific instances or draw your conclusions as the result of individual experience.


Give your SoP direction with a theme. Make this essay unique by writing about what interests and excites you. Your essay should end with a conclusion that refers back to the beginning and restates your theme. Always make sure to have someone edit and critique your essay. It should be a minimum of 550 words (2-4 pages typed) and needs to be submitted before you complete nine credits in your graduate program.


Some areas to focus on are:


– Your skills and qualities and how they will they help you with your graduate studies.

– Significant activities you have engaged in and the role you played.

– A memorable accomplishment in your life. Explain what it was and how you achieved it.

– The career you have chosen and what factors formed this decision. Personal experience in the field is a good place to begin.


MBA applicants should address their statement to Dr. George Atkins, Associate Dean of the School of Business. Your statement will be submitted to your Admissions Representative with your application packet. There is no such thing as a “perfect way to write a statement.” Write what is best for you.



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