two pages assignment due after 6hrs

Introduction to Creative Utopic Ethnography:

I. Observe any space you see as problematic that could be improved by your ideal utopia (you will recreate and personally draw or construct your own utopian map and an analyze  it)

II. Find at least two critical texts that will help you (a) interpret your utopic creation and (b) theorize a way to respond to and implement this space into current society

III. Two pages (not including the map you draw or artistic part you decide to create Video/art project/painting) and a Works Cited posted to your blog

Links to videos you can cite:

Sprawling From Grace:

Howard Kunstler Talk about Space:

Jeff Speck The Walkable City:

Alex Steffen The Shareable Future of Cities:


and you can use other sources from the internet if these sources not helping it’s only two pages the first descripe the problem and the second how to improve the space.

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