Week 3 Content review

  1. This week you have been learning about mental retardation/intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and communication disorders. Choose two categories that are of the most interest to you. Describe two ways in which they differ from each other, and then explain a relationship or similarity that may exist between the two categories.

  2. As the course text explains on page 257, the field of autism has gone from a “relatively unrecognized disability” to “one of widespread interest in education and society in general.” Based on your reading, describe the five conditions that are meant by the term “autism spectrum disorder.” Also, based on current knowledge, identify the common characteristics of children with autism spectrum disorder and explain the concept of the “spectrum” in terms of those characteristics.

  3. Think back to what you learned about early intervention in Week 1 and what you have learned about each of the categories you studied this week. Choose one category and consider the potential influence of early intervention on this category. Then explain how quality early intervention could positively impact the possible outcomes for young children.

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