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The Boeing 787 is a fantastic aircraft with versions capable of seating up to 300 passengers with a range of up to 8,200 nautical miles. This aircraft is full of technology including a composite material skin, a fiber optic data bus for networking, and a high tech in-flight entertainment system (IFE). During the certification process the FAA issued a special condition that required Boeing to prove the aircraft’s common network was secure against hacker intrusion. Some industry analysts have pointed out that the only reason for this special condition is because the technology used on the aircraft are beyond definitions and concepts contained within current certification rules.

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Questions the presentation must address: 

  • What benefits are derived from the using a common network for all onboard systems? That is, what motivated adoption of the common core fiber optic network?
  • Detail and explain the security aspect in full.  When doing so address both sides of the story: the concern about hackers and the counterargument(s) which state the aircraft is secure.

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